Sunday, July 11, 2010

Renu + Nitin: Couples Portraits Part 3: Stanford Campus

I started my photography career off in taking couples portraits at Stanford, so it is always a joy to shoot on this lovely campus.  I know exactly where to get the shots and really very few spots offer the same romantic feel as Stanford does. Renu and Nitin wanted a session here so they can make their wedding invitations with the pics.  I was so excited about sharing these pics with Renu and Nitin, I dreamed about it! They make such a stunning couple!  And Renu's response to the pics "Holy Toledo!".  Love it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Andaaz Photoshoot!

These beautiful ladies are starting a TV show on Sony Entertainment called Andaaz which is geared towards younger South Asians. I was thrilled when they had me on their show to represent I was also thrilled when they asked me to take their head shoots for their website.  We had fun with some props and a nice white backdrop!

Rashmi+Ashvin: Overview Slideshow!

This was such an awesome day for us.  We got to know the families and got to celebrate Rashmi and Ashvin's wedding which was just gorgeous!  I put together a slideshow (be prepared... it is 10 min long) of my fav shots!

I want to THANK my fearless second shooters: Nick Morozcov and Rajat Bharadwaj.  They rock!

Rashmi+Ashvin: The Dance Party!

My favorite part of a reception is by far the dance party! Rashmi and Ashvin had DJ Bitzy bouncing the party and we got some fabulous shots of the crowd dancing!